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Aesthetics Clinic Of The Year 2023


Look 5 Years Younger Consultation

Are you tired of looking older than you are?

Concerned that your face is heading south? 
Worried that you always look tired and stressed?

Confused about which treatments are best? 

Look no further! Book your consultation now and discover the best way to reverse the signs of ageing! 
Our expert, Abigail, will help you find the perfect treatment that suits your needs and preferences. You deserve to look and feel your best, and we're here to help you achieve that. 

Don't wait any longer, book your consultation today! 

What to expect:

🌟 Begin with a personalised consultation, uncovering the secrets to maintaining radiant skin health and elasticity throughout this pivotal phase.


📖 Delve into our complimentary digital guide, meticulously tailored to equip you with insights into menopause-related skin changes and the diverse range of treatment options at your disposal.


💧 Quench your skin's thirst with a FREE 5-day supply of Skinade – the remarkable elixir enriched with collagen peptides and nourishing nutrients, working harmoniously to restore hydration, elasticity, and timeless beauty.

Your Package Includes:

Alex Reed

I love the results! My skin it was looking very tired! Now have some life back! Thanks to AA DERMA CLINIC!

Aleka Reed

I visited AA DERMA CLINIC very skeptical but from my very first visit I felt so comfortable! Abigail is so sweet, very professional and most of all she knows her job and what every lady wants! She made my skin 110 times better! She make me look 10 years younger! And feeling much more confident!!!

Thank you very much! I can't wait for my next appointment!

Lucy Ellis

The clinic was immaculate and welcoming. Abigail was lovely and fully explained the procedure and answered all my questions. The procedure was painless and expertly carried out. I am very excited to see the results of my treatment and will definitely be booking more. I would fully recommend Abigail and AA Derma Clinic.

Amy Sipahi

A very professional and friendly service. I felt very confident in the treatments I was having and I look forward to going back for more!

Katy Lewis

Every experience I've had with AA Derma Clinic has been highly professional. Abigail takes time to understand what's important to you and gives honest suggestions to help achieve that need. She responds to messages quickly and appointments always run to time. No waiting!

Vicki Dimmock

At 46, I am always keen to find ways to improve and enhance my skin. I had a session of Microneedling and am thrilled with the results! I found the process relaxing and experienced no discomfort at all. Immediately afterwards my skin was glowing and looked plump and healthy. Thank you so much!

Chloe Wright

Fantastic service, 100% recommend Will always return for my treatments

Caitlin Betts

Brilliant, made me feel so comfortable and i would recommend to anyone.

Sarah Briggs

I kept putting off the idea of Botox for a long time but after visiting Abigail, I can't recommend it enough! She looked after me and gave me honest advice and am so pleased with the results. I look forward to my next treatment.

Jill Brown

I visited Abigail a couple of months ago. She is very professional in her approach , the clinic is spotless and welcoming and her knowledge of the treatments she offers is extensible.I will definitely return for other treatments.

Kelly Brown

I was recommended to Abigail through my sister and I couldn’t be more pleased. Abigail is so professional and talked me through my procedure and the results were incredible. She is my go to now!!!!!

Kyren Tyrrell

Abigail always provides a wonderful service with amazing results!

Amy Pritchett

Amazing service, very informative all the way through and extra care and attention always will def be returning




Abigail is so incredible and makes you feel at ease straight away. Super friendly and so knowledgeable. Highly recommend! I have had several treatments now and can’t wait to have more! Abigail is very patient and understanding and advises on what is best for you. I couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to treatments! My skin is amazing thanks to you!

Coralie Broughton

Had a fab experience and felt very at ease and Abigail is just amazing! I can’t wait to return, my lips look beautiful! Thank you again x

Danielle Lauderdale

I’ve had a great experience with Abigail so far and would highly recommend!

Siobhan Massey

Very professional and informative, the clinics very clean and tidy thankyou for my treatment x


Very professional and lovely, thank you for my treatment! I’ll be back soon :)

Gemma Owen

Had an anti wrinkle treatment and was super. Very clean and lovely clinic and very professional!

Laura Fairbrother

Abigail is very knowledgable in her profession. Her friendly demeanour instantly puts your mind at ease and you know you are in safe and capable hands. I would highly recommend Abigail to anyone looking to have treatment done.

Cherryll Chapillon

Abigail was extremely professional and very informative regarding treatments available to me. Just had my 3rd treatment and booked for my 4th. I would highly recommend.

Hayley Finch

I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism. Such a relaxing environment. I enjoyed my experience.

Lucy Groves

Highly recommend this clinic if you want a quality service. Abigail is amazing, she will give you the best advice. Can’t wait for my next treatment!

Chloe Dee

Highly recommended. Abigail made me feel so comfortable and was happy to answer any questions I had. She gave me clear information for my aftercare so I left feeling confident and happy!

Ali Rigby

The clinic is really nice, bright and clean. Abigail was wonderful, she explained everything, I had all the information I needed and my treatment was painless. My face the next day felt brand new, thank you Abigail, would definitely return for more!

Jessica Brown

Abigail gave me my first ever chemical peel this week and my skin feels rejuvenated and looks, well, glowing! Her clinic is beautiful and super relaxing. The aftercare and advice was spot on. Thank you so much - I will definitely be back for more!!

Becky Walsh

Fantastic! From start to finish. Lovely clean spacious room. Abigail made me feel at ease straight away. All the questions I had were answered very professionally. Will defiantly be returning and recommending thanks abigail!

Becky Walsh

Fantastic! From start to finish. Lovely clean spacious room. Abigail made me feel at ease straight away. All the questions I had were answered very professionally. Will defiantly be returning and recommending thanks abigail!

Jenny Griffiths

Abigail is so professional explains everything to you before carrying out any treatments to ensure you understand and are you happy with the procedure she is going to carry out , she is really approachable and sweet you feel totally at ease in a really relaxing atmosphere, I would recommend Abigail for any treatment you choose you will not regret it


What are the benefits of Microneedling with Radiofrequency?

• Helps reduce/smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

• Produces new collagen to lift and tighten the skin

• Evens out acne scars and bumps within the skin

• Improves skin texture

• Brightens the skin

• Shrinks and reduces open pores


What are the benefits of Microneedling and Radiofrequency combined?

Quicker results can be seen and achieved when you combine both technologies. For deep lines/wrinkles, results can be achieved in half the time compared to other stand-alone single treatments.


What areas can be treated?

It is safe for use on the face and body. It will have a positive effect on loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged/pigmented skin, stretch marks and pitted skin.


Who is a good candidate for the treatment?

This treatment is suitable for women and men over the age of 18. A full consultation is required before treatment.

Is Microneedling suitable for all skin types?

Yes, PUREDERMA can treat all skin types.


How many treatments will I need?

Three to six treatments are recommended for optimal results, with an annual maintenance treatment once per year to maintain results. Treatment times typically range from 20-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area treated.


How does the treatment feel?

There is a slight warmth and pressure in the skin during application. Your skin will be slightly pink after treatment and may feel similar to when in the sun.


Can I apply makeup straight after my treatment?

We suggest leaving 24-48 hours after your treatment before applying makeup.


How Quickly will I see results?

Visible results can be seen within a few days, with more noticeable results typically seen within three weeks.


Is there any downtime?

A slight swelling/redness may be present immediately after your treatment which should clear within 24-48 hours.


What post-care is required?

Immediately after your treatment, avoid direct sunlight or any heat exposure, i.e. baths/sauna/steam etc. and swimming. 24-48 hours after your treatment, normal activities can resume.

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